Midwest Fishing & Hunting Bloggers Fall Rendezvous

Back in July I had this bright idea.   I was contacted by someone on Twitter who wanted me to come to the Oakdale Gun Club (NE St. Paul, MN) and blog about their newly renovated facility.   Sounded like a good idea.   But after doing a bit more thinking, I had a better idea.

Why not invite all bloggers to gather there and see the facility?   In fact, why not use this as an opportunity for bloggers in the Upper Midwest to do some networking face-to-face and finally meet each other?

Now, of course, over the years I have learned that trying to organize bloggers to participate in anything is akin to herding a group of cats (how’d you like that analogy, Michelle??!!).   Honestly, I’ve learned many outdoors bloggers are either a shy sort, or they are so damn busy they just don’t have time for rubbing elbows with other bloggers.MidwestLogo

Hey, I can understand that.   I can even appreciate it.   Truth is for most of us blogging takes a backseat to family life, our paying careers, you know…all the important stuff in life.

But I’m hoping that on September 22nd  if you’re an outdoors blogger and within reasonable driving distance of the Twin Cities you’ll consider joining us for a first-time meeting.   There will be some familiar faces there…and perhaps some not so recognizable.   Bottom line is if you want to take your blog to the next level you have to break free of your basement, your bedroom…or wherever it is you place pixels into cyberspace.

We want to see and meet you in the Twin Cities on Sept. 22nd.   I’m even planning to feed everyone who attends with some fabulous home-smoked #BBQ and sides.   That alone should be worth the FREE cost of admission.

Download this press release and check out the website today.   More importantly, let’s plan to meet about 10 days from now to establish a new friendship.   We’ll have some fun.   Like I said, there will be good food.   Perhaps best of all, we will be doing it at a fun new facility where we can shoot some guns and bows.   What more could a blogger ask for?   You need content for your blog…we’ll give you that.   Just show up with your camera and a sense of adventure.

Let me know if you have any questions.   Otherwise, please e-mail Michelle Scheuermann with your R.S.V.P. to secure your FREE hat (while quantities last).

Ducks, Dogs And Kids…Photos From Minnesota’s 2013 Youth Waterfowl Hunt

Check out this photo essay from the 2013 Minnesota Youth Waterfowl Hunt this past Saturday.   With temps pushing near 90 degrees it was day better suited for drinking ice-cold lemonade rather than hot chocolate in the blind.   Nevertheless, the kids, the dogs and the adults were just glad to finally be out hunting.   Enjoy!















(Images courtesy of Todd Rost)

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Why Defensive Firearms Training is Important

(Blogger’s Note:  The following post was written for a POMA writing contest and was chosen as a finalist in that competition.   The short essay will appear in an upcoming issue of Personal Defense Network’s magazine)

“Did you hear that?!!”

“Honey, …wake up…did you hear that noise in the kitchen!!!”

“I think someone’s in our house….”

This is not the conversation a person expects to have in the middle of the night once they lay their head down on a pillow for the day.   But it happens.   Happens when a person least expects it.   Happens far too often in this drug-crazed, take-what-you-want world we all live in.

As a sportsman, it’s easy to take a certain solace in the fact your trusty bird gun sits 10 feet away in the closet.   Hell, you know you’re the best quail shooter at the club.   But how’s your skills at shooting felonious intruders these days?   Chances are most sportsmen who own a cache of various guns and knives live under a false sense of security.

When you go on an upland bird hunt you carefully plan your strategy.   Spend months in the trap league honing those smooth swings on a passing bird.   Choose just the right ammunition for best patterning performance.   You leave nothing to chance to perform at your peak.

Yet, protecting your home abode is a different game.   If you’re lucky you might have a plan on how to escape the threat of fire…but what about the human threat?   Can you quickly fortify your bedroom making it off-limits to an intruder in a matter of seconds?   Is your cell phone always by the night stand?   Do you have the training necessary to make life and death decisions during split seconds?

Nobody wants to encounter crime in their own home.   Yet, we can’t just wish it away.   It takes preparation.   It requires hands-on training.

Now is the time to make a pledge to your family they will be survivors.

©2013 Jim Braaten. All Rights Reserved. No Reproduction without Prior Permission.