They Shoot What From Shotgun Shells?

Okay, over the years I’ve heard of some strange things besides lead or steel shot that people will occasionally hand load into shotgun shells.   Indeed, I have heard of ashes from someone’s cremains being shot in an honorary tribute.   I’ve even heard of pork fat laden ammunition supposedly used to fight certain factions of world terrorists.

But in recent days I have heard of two other strange things people are seriously loading into their scatterguns.   Take this first example, for instance.   Watch this quick video clip.

Yeah, they call it extreme gardening, sowing an open field with flowers simply by shooting off a few random rounds.   Now, imagine the possibilities with this.   While they were planting daisies, I thought us hardcore sportsmen can do better than that.   How about next spring sowing your food plot for deer by blasting off a few rounds here and there.   That’s right, take out your frustrations from not shooting a trophy deer this past fall by blasting away in a helter skelter fashion.

Actually, this concept has wonderful possibilities.   I can certainly see it now at the 2014 SHOT Show…long lines of retailers clamoring to get their orders in on this hot commodity.   After all, planting food plots the traditional way has grown a bit blasé.   Who needs to buy a bag of seed that’s dumped into a boring planter when the seeds can get distributed more randomly (and with velocity) via an autoloading shotgun.

Indeed, what a concept.   But, just when I figured I had seen the perfect alternative use of a shotgun shell here comes along a new entry into the eclectic shotgun blasting competition.   Introducing Season Shot.   The maker coins it “Ammo with flavor.”   Yup, maybe you can see where I’m going with this.   Why bother to spit shot out of your mouth from that next roasted game bird when you can kill it with seasoning pellets to enhance the taste.

Seriously, I’m not entirely sure if the Season Shot concept is a fun Internet gag or truly in production to someday become reality.   Their website indicates they are working on bringing it to market, but their website also indicates a copyright year of 2006 so apparently they don’t feel a real urgency to make money on this revolutionary gourmet concept.

I must say the trusty old shotgun is most definitely a device with lots of possibilities.   Some might prove practical, others…well, let’s just say they might be borderline nuts.   Either way, it never ceases to amaze me what ideas people will think of to make a buck and perhaps strike it rich.

Have you heard of any other oddball uses of shotgun shells?   Let’s hear about them in the comments below.

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