Need A Gift For That Hard-To-Buy-For Guy (or Gal)?

Hey, I have the perfect answer for you.

Seriously, have you been stuck in a quandary wondering what to get your favorite outdoorsman for Christmas—that gun-lovin’, tactical shooting fanatic?

I know it can be confusing to many.   One gun looks like the next one.   How is a “normal” person going to tell the difference between a Picatinny Rail and a Weaver Rail mount?   Get the wrong one and that much anticipated smile on Christmas morning could turn out to be a look of disappointment.   Possibly.

So, here’s what you do.   Your significant other likes pizza, correct?   I mean, who doesn’t like pizza?   It’s the perfect food.   But inherently there is always one problem that comes with most pizzas.   The damn fool who cuts the slices does it haphazardly lacking sufficient care.   Invariably I’m usually the unlucky one who gets left with the smallest piece.   That’s how my luck goes.

Well, no more.   Nope!   I’m hoping Santa brings me something to take my pizza dining experience to new heights.   That’s right, what self-respecting person in your life wouldn’t appreciate and thoroughly enjoy a TACTICAL LASER-GUIDED PIZZA CUTTER.   The days of oddball sized pie wedges has come to an end.   Now, pizza can be severed into individual servings with complete uniformity thanks to the accuracy of technology.

Check it out:

I guarantee your gift recipients’ friends will all know he/she means business when this bad boy gets pulled out of the kitchen drawer.   I can see it now…folks will be fighting at the opportunity just to cut the pizza.   No longer is the best part of pizza eating it.

Okay, so this gift idea doesn’t quite “cut it” for you?   No problem.   The fine folks over at the North American Hunting Club have also assembled a list you might want to check out.   You can view that listing here.

So, let’s hear about it.   What gift(s) are you hoping for from Santa under the Christmas tree this holiday season?   Leave your suggestions below.

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