Looking For The Perfect Gift?

Still looking for the perfect gift for that outdoorsman?   Something that he or she will cherish during their many years in the woods, fields and on the water?   Something with such lasting quality and function that it will be passed on to future generations and cherished by others still yet to come?

I say get that sportsman on your list a Buck #110 Folding Hunter knife.   And this year…up until December 31st, you can pick up the 50th Anniversary edition of this knife which makes it even more special.   Check it out HERE.   Okay, I’ll be quite honest with you.   That link shows the knife for purchase directly from the factory, but if you’re lucky around the holidays you can find it for about half that price.   That’s what I did a few weeks ago.


Still not convinced?   Check out this quick video to give you a bit more background on the Buck story.

I probably have purchased more Buck knives than from any other knife company out there.   Oh, I know some folks have their favorites and it might be some other brand.   But I honestly feel you will not get a better value for the money than a knife from Buck.   I have abused my knifes from time to time and they have broken off tips, etc.   I send them back to the company and they don’t just replace your broken knife with a new one–they fix your old knife because they understand it has sentimental value.

So, if you’re completely at a loss on what to get the sportsman in your life…I have just given you the best idea I can think of.   What’s that you say…they already have a knife?   No worries.   I have yet to find a sportsman who has too many knives, flashlights, guns, caps, boots…oh, the list can go on.