They Shoot What From Shotgun Shells?

Okay, over the years I’ve heard of some strange things besides lead or steel shot that people will occasionally hand load into shotgun shells.   Indeed, I have heard of ashes from someone’s cremains being shot in an honorary tribute.   I’ve even heard of pork fat laden ammunition supposedly used to fight certain factions of world terrorists.

But in recent days I have heard of two other strange things people are seriously loading into their scatterguns.   Take this first example, for instance.   Watch this quick video clip.

Yeah, they call it extreme gardening, sowing an open field with flowers simply by shooting off a few random rounds.   Now, imagine the possibilities with this.   While they were planting daisies, I thought us hardcore sportsmen can do better than that.   How about next spring sowing your food plot for deer by blasting off a few rounds here and there.   That’s right, take out your frustrations from not shooting a trophy deer this past fall by blasting away in a helter skelter fashion.

Actually, this concept has wonderful possibilities.   I can certainly see it now at the 2014 SHOT Show…long lines of retailers clamoring to get their orders in on this hot commodity.   After all, planting food plots the traditional way has grown a bit blasé.   Who needs to buy a bag of seed that’s dumped into a boring planter when the seeds can get distributed more randomly (and with velocity) via an autoloading shotgun.

Indeed, what a concept.   But, just when I figured I had seen the perfect alternative use of a shotgun shell here comes along a new entry into the eclectic shotgun blasting competition.   Introducing Season Shot.   The maker coins it “Ammo with flavor.”   Yup, maybe you can see where I’m going with this.   Why bother to spit shot out of your mouth from that next roasted game bird when you can kill it with seasoning pellets to enhance the taste.

Seriously, I’m not entirely sure if the Season Shot concept is a fun Internet gag or truly in production to someday become reality.   Their website indicates they are working on bringing it to market, but their website also indicates a copyright year of 2006 so apparently they don’t feel a real urgency to make money on this revolutionary gourmet concept.

I must say the trusty old shotgun is most definitely a device with lots of possibilities.   Some might prove practical, others…well, let’s just say they might be borderline nuts.   Either way, it never ceases to amaze me what ideas people will think of to make a buck and perhaps strike it rich.

Have you heard of any other oddball uses of shotgun shells?   Let’s hear about them in the comments below.

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Need A Gift For That Hard-To-Buy-For Guy (or Gal)?

Hey, I have the perfect answer for you.

Seriously, have you been stuck in a quandary wondering what to get your favorite outdoorsman for Christmas—that gun-lovin’, tactical shooting fanatic?

I know it can be confusing to many.   One gun looks like the next one.   How is a “normal” person going to tell the difference between a Picatinny Rail and a Weaver Rail mount?   Get the wrong one and that much anticipated smile on Christmas morning could turn out to be a look of disappointment.   Possibly.

So, here’s what you do.   Your significant other likes pizza, correct?   I mean, who doesn’t like pizza?   It’s the perfect food.   But inherently there is always one problem that comes with most pizzas.   The damn fool who cuts the slices does it haphazardly lacking sufficient care.   Invariably I’m usually the unlucky one who gets left with the smallest piece.   That’s how my luck goes.

Well, no more.   Nope!   I’m hoping Santa brings me something to take my pizza dining experience to new heights.   That’s right, what self-respecting person in your life wouldn’t appreciate and thoroughly enjoy a TACTICAL LASER-GUIDED PIZZA CUTTER.   The days of oddball sized pie wedges has come to an end.   Now, pizza can be severed into individual servings with complete uniformity thanks to the accuracy of technology.

Check it out:

I guarantee your gift recipients’ friends will all know he/she means business when this bad boy gets pulled out of the kitchen drawer.   I can see it now…folks will be fighting at the opportunity just to cut the pizza.   No longer is the best part of pizza eating it.

Okay, so this gift idea doesn’t quite “cut it” for you?   No problem.   The fine folks over at the North American Hunting Club have also assembled a list you might want to check out.   You can view that listing here.

So, let’s hear about it.   What gift(s) are you hoping for from Santa under the Christmas tree this holiday season?   Leave your suggestions below.

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Glad To See Herter’s Isn’t Forgotten About In Minnesota’s History

Typically when I land on the Minnesota Historical Society’s blog I expect to see reflections on Minnesota’s involvement in the Civil War, political flashbacks, you know that sort of thing.   Well, imagine my surprise to see a post showing a Herter’s Master Deer Call.   That’s right, if you’ve lived…oh, for let’s say 40 or more years on this earth and consider yourself an outdoorsman…well, there’s a good chance Herter’s has touched your life at least in some small way.

So, it’s only fitting how the Minnesota Historical Society makes mention of this icon of an outdoors store once headquartered in Waseca, Minnesota.   I can only say I was physically at the store once prior to its closing, but long before Cabela’s and Gander Mountain were household names, for most sportsmen the name George L. Herter was truly legendary.   And I would guess that many customers of Herter’s shopped by mail order and not at the store.   When the Herter’s catalog arrived in the mail it was a special day in the household, indeed.

Perhaps one of George L. Herter’s more controversial books, nevertheless it reflects a unique character during a different time in Minnesota’s outdoor history.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of taking a walk back in time you owe it to yourself to click directly to eBay and search for “Herter catalog.”   At most times you will find dozens of old issues still available in collections, some for just a few bucks…but the money is well worth it to see how sportsman gear has evolved over the past 40+ years.

The founder of the store was a real character.   Need some proof of that?   Just take a look at the titles of George L. Herter’s many books he authored.   Unfortunately, I never met the guy, but he was an interesting individual who believe in simple, yet solid advice.   His store was also pretty much built on that same principle, as well.

I would imagine as the generations get older there will come a time when few outdoorsmen, unless they study history, will have any recollection of the Herter’s name.   Oh, type in and it will take you directly to Cabela’s whom I believe purchased the rights several years back.   And yes, even Cabela’s who was once competitors with Herter’s still recognizes the value of selling under the Herter’s name.

So, when you see the Minnesota Historical Society post an iconic image from this great store…yeah, it is sort of a big deal to some of us who are growing a bit older in the tooth.   Many of us have fond recollections of the store and the catalog which was premium in its time.

And you know, there’s also something a bit nostalgic about remembering back to an era when you didn’t have say 200 choices for cold weather footwear and another 50 different options for waders.   Perhaps back when Herters was king the outdoorsmen spent more time worrying about woodsmanship and the quarry they chased…than they now do about all the clothes, gear and technology they take to the woods.

Let’s hear some of your thoughts on what you remember about George L. Herter, the retail store or that glorious mail order catalog.

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