Sportsman’s Blog Podcast Show #02

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I spend today’s episode reminiscing about Minnesota Fishing Openers from the past…in particular, a certain award we give out to "The Most Incompetent Fisherman" in our group.   Hear some stories about past winners…as well as a description of how to win this not-so-coveted prize given in our fishing camp.

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Sportsman’s Blog Podcast Show #01

Well, here it is…my first podcast effort that I promised a few weeks ago.   Please be kind in your criticism as it’s been far too many years since I last sat behind the microphone or did anything remotely similar to this sort of thing.

 (To find out more about podcasts and the software to access them, check out Podcasting on the Wikipedia Web site.)



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I spend a portion of today’s show talking about the world of podcasting as well as introducing myself to the listening audience.

I also briefly mention what you can expect to hear in upcoming editions.

Take a listen, and tell me what you think.   Also, if you have ideas for upcoming editions, as always, I encourage your comments.


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Sportsman’s Blog Planning First Podcast

Sometimes I wonder if I’m not a glutton for punishment.   Then again, so much of this new technology on the Internet truly fascinates me.   Ever since beginning my blogging career about 20 months ago I’ve yearned to do something a bit more.   Spice things up just a bit.   Don’t get me wrong…the blogging is all in good fun and I’m not getting bored or moving away from it by any means.   Instead, I’d like to announce that plans are presently underway to greatly expand the manner in which I communicate to the blogosphere (that would be folks like you).

That’s right…beginning in about 3 weeks (about the time of the Minnesota Fishing Opener in mid-May) I plan to release my first audio podcast to be found on this blog.   Over the past few months I’ve been gearing up for the big event and I’m really excited about this new opportunity.   In doing my research, I’ve determined there are several dozen good blog sites that focus on the outdoors (hunting, fishing, etc.), but the number of sites producing a quality outdoors podcast are still just a handful, albeit, a growing handful.

That led me to explore further the fascinating world of podcasting.   By definition, podcasting is nothing more than distributing audio or video files over the Internet.   Sort of like being entertained by a radio or TV program, but with this format you can play the broadcast when it’s convenient for you to listen.   Unlike a radio broadcast where you must listen at a certain scheduled time…with a podcast you can either listen using your computer connected to the Internet…or if you choose to be trendy, you can also get one of the latest mp3 file players like an iPod.   By using such a device, you can download hours of music or programming to listen later when you are commuting to work or traveling on an airplane, for instance.   In other words, listening to a podcast is akin to audioblogging where your ears are strained and not your eyes. 

In preparation for adding this new blog feature I’ve spent more money than my wife needs to know about purchasing new condenser mics, cables, digital recorders and other associated studio equipment.   I now have the equipment necessary to produce a broadcast either sitting at my desk in my home office…or taking it on the road as a conventional radio reporter might do getting a field story.   During the upcoming weeks I intend to do both as I learn not only how to produce a decent podcast show, but also to better understand just how all this new equipment properly functions.

During the weeks to come I will share much more about my podcasting intentions, but suffice it to say that for right now we are probably about three weeks away until I launch the new venture.   In the meantime, I urge you to check out some of these other fine outdoor podcasts just to begin whetting your appetite, so to speak.   Some are produced similar to the manner in which I intend to conduct my upcoming show…others, well…you be the judge.

Incidentally, a new podcast that was just released this week is actually put out by the Minnesota DNR.   By clicking HERE you should be able to load their newest program on spring turkey hunting.   (NOTE:  To listen to this and some of the other programs I’m about to mention, you might need the latest version of Apple QuickTime installed on your computer or some other program such as REALPlayer.   If the file doesn’t automatically load and play you’ll know you need to install one of these or a similar program on your computer.)

Check out these outdoors-oriented podcasts:

Then check out some other great podcasts:

Do you know of any other great outdoor podcasts?   Leave a comment and tell me about it.   Then stay tuned for what will soon be my first attempt breaking into the podcasting world.   I’ll share more details as I get closer to releasing the inaugural show.

Oh, and before I forget to say it…thanks for all your continued support of this blog and for where I plan to take it in the future.   Your comments and well wishes are always much appreciated.

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