Enjoying The Outdoors…INDOORS! (on your computer)

There are lots of resources on the Internet these days promoting hunting, fishing and the outdoors in general…but today I would like to focus on a few that I personally find quite interesting.   Some of these sites I check on a daily basis…others…well, not quite so often.   Still, each of the sites I’m about to list has merit for you to spend a moment or two of your time and decide for yourself.

Because this is a weblog site I’m going to focus on similar sites within the blogosphere that cater to the outdoors as we enjoy it.   It seems even though blogging has been going on for several years it’s still an activity ripe for further development for the hunter, fisherman and outdoors enthusiast.

One of the “original kids on the block,” so to speak, is Dave Richey’s Blog.   Richey is a well-known outdoors writer with the Detroit News, but he seems to have a passion about journaling, and thus blogging.   Richey’s blog is certainly one that I have syndicated and read on a daily basis.   His insight, knowledge and humor about the outdoors is very inspirational to other writers.

Another well known outdoors writer in the upper Midwest (particularly in Wisconsin) is Dan Small.   Small has been the host and producer of a popular television program called Outdoor Wisconsin that has been broadcast for over 20 years.   He’s also the contributing editor of Wisconsin Outdoor News which is a bi-weekly print newspaper.   But for our purposes, Dan also keeps a great blog that’s contributed to on almost a daily basis.   Check it out.

Another nicely written outdoors blog that is succinctly written and topically informative is GazOutdoors written by the outdoors writers at the Billings (MT) Gazette.

Perhaps one of the most informative of all outdoor blogs is that of J.R. Absher’s The Outdoor Weblog.   Absher seems to have a knack for sifting through the timely news articles of the day as they relate to outdoors world as we enjoy it.  Even though I’m focusing on weblogs today, I would be remiss if I didn’t at least direct you to Absher’s companion web site known as The Outdoor Pressroom.   This daily compilation of outdoor news stories has certainly inspired a blog or two from this writer, as I suspect it has for other outdoors writers around the country.

Changing gears just a bit and because I am a strong 2nd Amendment rights advocate, thus I almost daily check out John Lott’s blog as he champions the battle for gun owners.

One of the best blogs for pure information that I check often has little to do with the outdoors…but because I like to eat good food I check it out.   This blog is so nicely developed that if for no other reason, it should serve as inspiration to the rest of us bloggers as to where we can take things.

I also check out two blogs that deal with small business marketing and blogging.   One is the Duct Tape Marketing Blog and the other is a site called Build A Better Blog.   Both contain good information not only for self-promoters, but to get the most out of your blogging experience.

Finally, I’m pleased to list several other blogs that I check with some regularity.   Most have some strong connection with the outdoors, but not all of them see contributions daily by their authors.   Still, as blogging further develops this list of web addresses will surely grow many fold.   Check these out:

Pennsylvania: Hunt. Fish. Shoot.
The Traveling Sportsman
Old Deer Hunter’s Blog
MaineHunters.com Interactive News Blog
The Rational Hunter
Fishing Jones
Bass Pundit

Hey, I know I’ve probably have missed a lot of good outdoors blogs…but if you have a particular favorite you think I need to check out…please drop me a line or leave a comment.   Remember, when you can’t be outside…continue enjoying the outdoors…INDOORS! (on your computer)

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It is my sincere hope that everyone who reads this blog has a safe and relaxing Thanksgiving with family and friends.   Sometimes life is so fast-paced that we forget what is truly important in our lives.   On this day, however, take some pause and reflect on the many ways you are blessed in life.

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