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Occasionally I do accept products for review or various other forms of consideration which I might write about within these pages. The marketer supplying me with those items or perks understands that I accept them and do not feel obligated to comment on that consideration–whether good or bad–within these pages. Furthermore, most of the products or services I mention within these pages I have paid full retail for as a standard consumer. In accordance with the Federal Trade Commission established guidelines and out of respect to my readers, I always disclose if I received any free or evaluative products, tickets, or similar “in-kind” forms of consideration which could affect my endorsement.

If I create a link to a product or service within the pages of this blog there are times I may get paid a commission if you purchase the product or service. These links are included after posts are written, and posts are never composed for the purpose of including advertising. In fact, most links are provided to enable the reader with greater ease to further review the topic being discussed.

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