The Final Word On Cheney’s Hunting Mishap

Alright, I know I promised a few days ago to talk about products I discovered at the SHOT Show from this past weekend…and I’ll eventually get to that riveting post.   I promise.   In the meantime, I feel a bit more inspired to discuss the Cheney hunting fiasco because it seems like an issue that is not quite finished in the news.   For me personally, I’ve gone from utter disgust when I first heard the news of the shooting…to later trying to analyze and explain what could possibly have gone wrong…and now finally to sitting back and listening to all the silly discourse that seems to be prevalent by pundits of every type.

In fact, I thought I had read it all until some astrologers finally got into the act.   That’s right, maybe if Dick and Harry had checked their astrological charts last Saturday they could have avoided all the embarrassing hoopla associated with the hunting incident.   Maybe this explains why Nancy Reagan used to always pay close attention to astrology when she was the First Lady with Ronnie in The White House.   Hmmm….

Consider this astrological explanation of the Cheney hunting accident as offered by The Llewellyn Journal:

“We already knew that the issues death and destruction have been recently prevalent in Cheney’s life. Astrologically we can identify this trend by looking at his 8th House solar arc / progressed Sun in Aries. Independent to the core, this Sun in the 8th speaks to the mental focus on issues of death.”

Okay, that’s as clear as mud.

“With the solar arc Moon exactly conjunct the Midheaven, Cheney no doubt faced an emotional situation when this accident occurred. With the solar arc Moon trining Neptune, he probably didn’t even realize what happened for several moments, and then had no sense of the urgency of the problem….”

Well, this explains the long delay in notifying the mainstream press.   Makes sense to me.

“…Cheney’s solar arc Moon is extremely close to conjuncting the Midheaven – this suggests that the Vice President allowed the emotional charge of flushing the bird to take over, and was not cautious about the positions of his hunting companions….”

See…the accident was destined to occur, I guess.

“Transiting Mars is also exactly conjunct the Midheaven. To quote Reinhold Ebertin, this placement indicates “failures caused through wrong arrangements or instructions, or through premature action, quarrels, or disputes.” No one suspects that a quarrel or dispute were involved in this incident. That leaves wrong arrangement or instructions. The hunters did not have their signals straight about how to maintain awareness of each others’ positions! Combined with the Moon, we find “a lack of deliberation or thought, strong emotional excitability….”

Don’t you just love predictions that are made after an event?

“…To top off the longer term aspects and the Mars to Midheaven transit, the transiting Moon was EXACTLY opposing Mr. Cheney’s Sun in the 6th House at the time of the shooting accident….”

Sometimes in life you just have everything working against you…even the stars.

“…I somehow doubt if Mr. Cheney will give adequate thought to an accident that could have been prevented. If he does, he may reconsider other decisions concerning weapons and their use. The American public is tired of war, and unlikely to accept another conflict any time soon. Perhaps Providence intervened with birdshot to prevent the loss of lives in continued conflicts around the world…if we are paying attention to the signs. If only….”

Aha, and what astrological assessment would be complete without a little political statement at the end to punctuate the underlying sentiments of the article?   Let me be so bold as to predict the author hates guns…hates hunting (killing)…and probably hates the current political culture in The White House.   Just call it a hunch!

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