Art Shanty Project 2012

These days most of us call them fish houses and with the portable pop-up style structures or ice house trailers the days of the solid wood-built ice shanty seems to be steadily losing popularity among wintertime anglers.   Well, that is not the case within the art community here in Minnesota.


Chances are good you'll never fish out of an ice shanty that looks like a robot...but here's proof you could.

The Art Shanty Project is a four-week long art exhibition (ending today) and you can learn more about it HERE.   Essentially it is “an artist driven temporary community exploring the ways in which unregulated public spaces can be used as new and challenging artistic environments to expand notions of what art can be done.”

Okay, that is the official explanation taken from the art group’s literature.   After seeing first-hand this interesting display of structures, I’d say it slightly pokes fun at those of us who erect structures on a frozen lake in search of fish…but more importantly it pokes fun of those of us who recreate in the frozen tundra where the lakes only stay open maybe eight months each year—if we’re lucky.

A man (or woman) has to do something to pass the time…so, why not build a temporary home on a frozen lake.

Whatever the case, check out my complete gallery of pictures showing a wide artistic display of what your next ice fishing shack could look like if you feel artsy.   Indeed, these structures focus much more on fashion than they do on piscatorial pursuit function.

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